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We help shape our future

The GermAfrika Kompass association was founded under the motto “we help shape our future”. We want to come together and discuss our situation. The participants are mainly – but not exclusively – migrants of sub-Saharan African descent.

The aim of the association is to bring together people of African descent (consisting of people with a refugee background, but also settled migrants from the different levels of society) in order to consult together about the connections between flight, migration and the future.

Some members of the association have witnessed inhumanity, violence, hopelessness, powerlessness. They have experienced and survived what we observe today in Syria, Greece, Turkey, Libya or Morocco at the border of Europe (on the Mediterranean, at the fences of Ceuta and Melilla), in the desert of Sudan, in the Maghreb, in Sinai or also in the slums of Kenya, Ethiopia, or mountains or forests in Uganda, Congo, etc.

We have now come to Germany or arrived in Germany. We are not shackled in the past but we also do not forget where we come from. We want to help shape our future. We want to make our contribution to social cohesion and development for all.

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